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In this free giveaway I share the top 10 mistakes people make when starting the low-FODMAP diet on your own. In my book, program, and one-on-one consulting I will make sure you never make any of these mistakes! 



After graduating with a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition from Johns Hopkins, I started a private practice where I specialize in helping people attain digestive wellness. I have guided hundreds and hundreds of people through the low-FODMAP diet successfully. I have two best-selling books on digestive health that were released in 2017. People Magazine called my book "Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach" one of the top 7 Health and Wellness books of 2017!



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One of the most common things I hear from people is that the low-FODMAP diet is "too hard" or "too restrictive." I am all about making it work for YOU!

I am here for you to address all of the roadblocks you have already dealt with, and the ones you are yet to encounter...

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