After suffering with an extreme flair from my ulcerative colitis for almost a year I was desperate. When nothing seemed to work I came to see Danielle at the advice of my doctor. She tailored a diet to my particular needs and within a month My symptoms were gone. She was available and supportive throughout. I feel that she saved my life and I can’t thank her enough.

 Dassy, New York

After experiencing a prolonged period of gastrointestinal problems — including daily stomach aches I visited Danielle for nutritional counseling. Danielle spent a good amount of time listening to my eating habits and gastrointestinal history. She made several concrete and constructive recommendations regarding simple modifications in my diet, including the elimination of triggers. Danielle is also very cognizant of the “mind-body” connection, and she provided me with several strategies for addressing stress. As a result of the nutritional counseling I received from Ms. Capalino, I am now symptom-free. My stomach aches have disappeared.

I found Ms. Capalino to be extremely competent and professional. She has a great deal of expertise, is an excellent listener, is generous with her time, and very easy to talk with. I would strongly recommend Ms. Capalino to anyone who is experiencing gastrointestinal issues, and who would benefit from high-quality nutritional counseling.

Benjamin, New York

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to nutritionist Danielle Capalino. She worked with me on changing my diet to gluten-free and although it has only been 2 weeks, I can already feel the difference.

Meeting and working with Danielle has truly been a life altering experience for me! Most of my symptoms are either gone or have greatly subsided. After so many years of not feeling well, I didn’t think there was a resolution, then Danielle stepped in and everything has changed for the better!

Ellen, New York