Confused about Sugar Alcohols?

Well you are not alone! The name is really misleading to the non-chemists in the room because these are neither sugar nor alcohol. You may not even be familiar with the term sugar alcohols, but when you see a food product labeled "sugar free" you will likely find that some of the ingredients used end in the letters "-ol" like xylitol, erythritol, sorbitol.... so what does that mean to you?

Sugar alcohols happen to be part of the polyol family which is one of the groups of High-FODMAP foods. So if you are trying a low-FODMAP elimination diet, this is something you should read. Remember, you may find sugar alcohols in places you don't even think about - like chewing gum or hard candies - but it can add up fast. 

I was interviewed by Men's Fitness Magazine to clear up some misconceptions about these sweeteners. To read the article, click here