No more mistakenly being called pregnant (at least in NYC subways!)

Have you ever been in a situation where you see someone and you aren't sure if they are pregnant or not, and you don't want to say out of anything out of fear of embarrassing either that person or yourself? Or maybe you have made the faux pas of congratulation someone who is *not* expecting a little one? Well leave it to the MTA (New York City's Transit Authority) to solve this problem! 

The MTA is now offering free buttons to women expecting to alleviate any question about whether or not you should offer to give up your seat. These buttons are the differentiating factor between being mistaken for pregnant and just being courteous - so instead of embarrassing someone you are now a etiquette champ!

Don't live in NYC? Or don't ride the subway? If you live in fear of people mistakenly thinking you are pregnant, when you are not, check out my new program "WTF: What the FODMAP" where you will transform into an unmistakenly not pregnant person!