Kombucha: A Love Affair

It is approaching the 10-year anniversary for the day I learned about kombucha. Though it certainly hasn’t been that long that I have been drinking it. I was working at the time in the video department of GOOD Magazine making infographics. It was a very cool office, and I loved working there. One of the perks, which is more commonplace in startups now, is that they provided food. I distinctly remember one of my co-workers mentioning that she just got a SCOBY and was fermenting it. I think I caught a glimpse of it, and was nauseated, and thought it was a mushroom. I remember calling my boyfriend (now husband) and telling him how strange it was that my co-workers were fermenting mushrooms in the office!

My husband likes to remind me about that now, because, fast-forward, I am totally addicted to kombucha. Right now I am hooked on Revive Kombucha because the flavors are amazing and they are very low-sugar. My favorite is the Tropic Wonder – which is Earl Grey with hints of Valencia orange and vanilla – it is delicious and unique (trust me, I have tried every brand out there). The addiction has escalated to the point that I now have an account with company so I can get kombucha by the case (I know!)

Well, why do I like kombucha?

-       It tastes amazing

-       It can be low sugar

*not all Kombucha is low sugar, so read labels and check for 5g or less sugar per serving!

-       It is full of probiotics

-       It is lightly carbonated, but not as harsh as soda

Sure, I have seen some of the claims in magazine articles - If any of that happen to be true that would be icing on the cake, but I am not counting on it to solve all my problems. For now, it’s a satisfying snack – it’s my version of a coffee break. And its my daily dose of probiotics, which I believe are an important part of the diet. 

One day I will tell you all about my attempts to make kombucha at home!