What can I expect in a first appointment?

When I really think about it, one of the most common questions that I am asked in a  day is “What can I expect in a first appointment with you?” Well, I am glad you asked.

I try to start out speaking to my patients beforehand at least by having them fill out an intake form and a food log. The intake form helps me to understand the person’s health history and learn more about them. The food log lets me know what the person is eating in the days leading up the appointment. It may or may not indicate typical eating behavior, but at least I can get a sense of the types of foods the person eats, and what the eats patterns are. It is useful when I am crafting a diet plan for someone.

I am going to learn everything I can about your health history and what you are looking to achieve, and then I am going to help you by explaining what needs to be done in a way that you can understand. And then I am going to help you implement it by giving you a plan and the tips that you need to follow through with that plan.

You will not leave empty handed. I love handouts! I want you to be empowered and part of that is making sure that you have the information that you need in a way that you can understand. Sometimes that means lists of foods to include or exclude from your diet. I also like to give out grocery lists because my patients love to find new snacks to make them feel nourished and stay healthy.

After our initial session we will schedule follow up sessions to make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you are staying on track. I like to have a follow up session scheduled after the first meeting so that we have a date to work towards. The goal is to get you to a place where you are feeling great!