Getting through Thanksgiving with dietary restrictions

Holidays often mean spending time with family and eating lots of food, many times eating too much food. But when you have food sensitivities, unlike your relatives who are struggling to button their pants, you probably spend more time agonizing over what you can eat. The strategies we can use to make the most of these holiday meals can depend on who is hosting. Regardless of whether you are hosting Thanksgiving at your own home (which comes along with its own stress) or going to friends or family, here are some ideas for getting through the holiday feeling your best:

  • Don’t starve yourself before the big meal. Whether your Thanksgiving dinner is at noon or 8PM, make sure it isn’t your first meal of the day. If you wait too long, you are going to be so hungry that you probably won’t exert the best self-control and may end up making poor choices. If you eat a good breakfast (and potentially lunch, or a snack) you will enter the big meal opportunity nourished and ready to eat what will work for you.

  • Bring a dish that you now you can eat. Even if you are not hosting the meal, bring a side dish that you know works for you. Mashed sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, string beans, roasted carrots, a rice pilaf – these are just a few ideas that come to mind for Thanksgiving sides that can get you through the meal. When you cook the dish yourself you are in control of the ingredients.